Programs – Group Learning

Day Program

The Academy Day Program for 6th-12th Grade

  • Low Student / Teacher Ratio
  • Up to 22 students total

Spacing is Limited! Call Anytime to Set up a Shadow Day

Monday – Thursday Schedule
City as School: Field Trip Every Month
(Including Physical Activities)

Comprehensive Curricula
English, Math, Science, History, Civics, Current Affairs, Financial Literacy, Debate, Creative Writing, Art, World Language, Technology, Test Prep, and EQ

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Executive Functioning Laced Throughout All We Do: EQ is now considered an essential component of progressive educational experiences and is considered more important to success than even IQ. Executive Functioning is key to success as well. We model all needed organizational protocols and study steps until we see this crucial sequencing is second nature to the child.

Cooperative and Experiential Learning, Socialization Opportunities, Organizational, Study, and Test-Taking Skills Laced Throughout.

Marcus Osborne, Principal, Lead Instructor
Owner, Tutor, and Trainer at The Academy, LLC Certified Exceptional Child Education Teacher

Katie Morgan, Manager & High School Director
Marcus and Katie are our most sought-after instructors – they each are the type of teacher a parent wishes for every year. The Academy Day gives your family the opportunity to have the assurance of an exceptional educator for your child throughout the middle school years with the option to continue into high school. Marcus and Katie not only have the gift of understanding how each child sees but both carry a true passion for all the subjects they teach, as well as a deep commitment to each student that passes through our doors.

Your child will be given a progress report at the six-week mark and a report card every 12 weeks. You are welcome to schedule conferences at any point throughout the year. It must be noted because of the class size we gain a unique and intimate relationship with each family and communication truly goes on weekly whether it be by phone, email, text or when picking up or dropping off your child.

Spacing is Limited! Call Anytime to Set up a Shadow Day


$14,800 per year

Please take note: This tuition fee is not offered anywhere at this low student: teacher ratio.

Of teachers and parents surveyed, the number one priority for them for best learning is small class size.

Please compare to other private schools in the city.


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